It was rubber stamped by the Florida state governor and cabinet in spite of objections from Miami-Dade County, the City of Miami, the City of South Miami, and the Village of Pinecrest. (SOURCE)

FPL won’t pay for the project. It will be costly for Floridians and profitable for FPL. The expansion’s cost-effectiveness is not certain, even by FPL’s own projections. (SOURCE)

The new power lines will not be built to South Florida’s hurricane standards. FPL refused to invest in safer, underground transmission lines. (SOURCE)

The new reactors increase the threat to our communities and our environment. (SOURCE & SOURCE)

FPL is playing politics with our future. (SOURCE & SOURCE & SOURCE)


U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) recently released its draft Environmental Impact Statement

This document is critical to the federal licensing process. The documant is available online HERE. This also means that public is free to comment on the issue up until May 22, 2015 (and yes, your voice could have an impact). Comment online HERE by clicking the “Comment Now!” button (please be sure you include the specific report number: NUREG-2176).

FPL wants more of our water

FPL wants to pull more water from the L31-E canal in order to continue running it’s overheating reactors at Turkey Point. This is one of waterways being use to restore proper water levels for the restoration of our Everglades.

From the Letter to the South Florida Water Management District & Florida Department of Environmental Protection: “We believe that the denial of FPL’s permit application is necessary to prevent severe ecological impacts in Biscayne Bay, Biscayne Bay National Park, wetlands in the area, and the regional water supply and to ensure the success of future Everglades restoration projects.” – Julie Dick, Counsel for Nation Parks Conservation Association and Tropical Audubon Society

So FPL wants additional reactors at Turkey Point, yet they can’t seem to sustain the ones already in place at the power plant? Unacceptable.


Reference examples: 1, 2, 3

House Bill 0067

The bill would repeal the section creating advance cost recovery by July 1, 2015 and require all unspent funds to be returned to ratepayers by June 30, 2016 (within one year) (READ MORE)

Partial Shutdown at Turkey Point

The nuclear plant shows its age after a steam leak (READ MORE)

1992: Post-Andrew Damage to Turkey Point

Hurricane Andrew revealed a literal crack in Turkey Point’s “hurricane readiness”. More reason to ensure the current plant’s stability, not expand its activity.  (READ MORE)

Preview: FPL’s power lines over Brickell

Residents of Brickell: have a look at FPL’s plan to “beautify” your avenue. Let’s avoid this look (and this additional hurricane hazard). Sign the petition!




A Petition Against Florida Power & Light’s (FPL)
Nuclear Expansion Project

At FPL’s request, Florida’s utility oversight board, the Public Service Commission (PSC), issued a determination of need in 2008 for additional nuclear reactor units at the Turkey Point power plant.

Soon after, FPL and Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection began proceedings to certify the new nuclear reactor units and hundreds of miles of oversized transmission lines in western and eastern Miami Dade County. The transmission line poles will stand up to 105 feet tall, 4 feet in diameter, and will be erected near homes and public transportation in the east and Everglades National Park in the west. These poles will not be built to the standards of the Florida Building Code’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone and a better option (underground) was available but not considered by FPL.

From 2010-2013, FPL was authorized to collect millions of dollars (over $17 million in 2013 alone) from its customers, to cover these licensing costs, through Florida’s Advanced Nuclear Cost Recovery law. In May 2014, the Governor and the Cabinet rubber-stamped FPL’s project, including the new reactor units and ten-story transmission lines despite much public opposition. The City of Miami, South Miami, Village of Pinecrest and Miami-Dade County are appealing portions of this certification.

Before FPL may begin construction of the reactors or the eastern lines, it must receive approval from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). This approval process has already begun. A public comment period will likely begin in Feb. 2015 with a final decision expected in early 2017, therefore:

We, the voters of Miami-Dade County represented in this petition request
the following from our governmental representatives and elected public

For the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC): to deny FPL a license to build 2 new reactors at the troubled Turkey Point nuclear plant; with special attention given to:
• Environmental considerations pertaining to climate change, sea level rise, adverse impacts to endangered species, the plant’s considerable water usage and the potential for damage to South Florida’s water supply.
• Radiological safety and socio-economic impacts.

For Florida’s Public Service Commission (PSC): to rescind its need determination because:
• The decision was made in 2008 during a historic economic downturn and is based on outdated projections of Florida’s energy needs.

For the Governor and Cabinet: to rescind their order approving FPL’s plan; with special
attention given to:
• Respecting local land development regulations, building codes and resident’s safety concerns.


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